6th to 8th October
3-Day FREE Meditation Challenge

Join us LIVE for this 3-day meditation challenge and let our meditation experts Jane, Rita and Andre show you how to gain control over your mind so you master life's challenges with the power of consistent meditation.

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Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

You’ve heard the amazing benefits of meditation - reduced stress, better sleep, and enhanced focus. You’ve probably experienced how good it makes you feel. But you struggle to make it a regular practice.

Maybe you just got too busy.

It's time for you to discover the profound impact of consistent meditation practice in your life. We will help you, with the support of a global community, to meditate for just 30 minutes a day for 3 days. In that time you will learn profound tools to help you incorporate meditation seamlessly into your everyday life.

This is the same yogic path that has helped thousands of people to realize the full potential of regular meditation - reduced anxiety, increased focus, and unshakeable inner peace.

As the world moves towards mindfulness and inner growth, NOW is the ideal time for you to delve deeper. We're excited to guide you on this transformative path.

"Do something today that your future self will thank you for."

Restore your Peace. Transform your Life.

Step into Stillness

Find Unwavering Focus

Radiate Peace

Establish a consistent meditation practice to navigate life’s challenges

Learn ancient techniques to transform your moment-by-moment experience of life

What is Dru Meditation?

Dru Meditation is based on ancient practices originating in the yogic tradition of the Vedas: Comfortable posture, breathing techniques, visualisation, affirmation and mantra. It synthesises this traditional wisdom with a modern, practical approach which makes it accessible without losing any of the depth and authenticity of its core.

This FREE Meditation Challenge will give you a powerful experience of the transforming power of Dru Meditation.

We will also introduce you to the Meditation Mastery Course, starting in November 2023.

This Free Meditation Challenge Includes

3 x Live Teaching Sessions

Join us daily at 8am for 45-minute sessions. Discover a 3-step, 30-minute meditation, incorporating pranayama and mantra, to cultivate calm and focus. Dive deep into ancient spiritual techniques to restore your peace and transform your life.

Daily Emails and Replays

Receive daily email tips and training classes to enhance your journey. If 8am isn't convenient, catch the replay. For your flexibility, these replays remain accessible and free for a 48-hour window, ensuring you never miss out.

Exclusive Online Community

Access a private group on Facebook. Connect with fellow participants, share experiences, and learn from both peers and world-class teachers. Challenge replays will be hosted in this group and are available for 48 hours post-challenge.

meet your tutors

Jane Clapham

Meditation Teacher Trainer & Kirtan Leader

Meditation and kirtan master who makes ancient spiritual practices relevant to the modern world, bringing an understanding of psychology to ancient yogic techniques.  Jane has practised Dru Meditation for 35 years and heads the Meditation Mastery Course starting in November 2023.

Rita Goswami

Dru Co-founder, International Speaker, Interest in Vedanta, Yoga and Mediation Teacher

Author and Meditation thought-leader who specialises in Vedanta and Yoga philosophy. Global teacher of spirituality for over 40 years. As an international presenter, Rita facilitates many self-development courses drawing on her wealth of knowledge in holistic healthcare, modern medicine, and eastern sciences.

André Hartwich

Breathwork, Pranayama and Meditation Teacher Trainer

Meditation Teacher Trainer and a High-Performance Coach who will help you breathe renewed life into your spirituality. He will help you gain a clear understanding of how to apply the wisdom and practices from the ancient sister sciences of yoga and meditation.

Zoe Briggs

Administrator & Dru Yoga teacher,

"I found a stillness within my chattering mind throughout the challenge. I had a different quality of stepping back internally & just observing things more. I am going to re-do the whole challenge once again!"

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Friday 6th to Sunday 8th October

By signing up for this challenge I consent to receive emails from Dru. We’ll never share your email with others, and we promise to keep your inbox focused on what truly matters – your personal transformation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm not a yoga teacher?

Everyone is welcome on the meditation challenge - but you’ll get the most from it if you’ve done some meditation before and are committed to a regular practice.

What are the dates and times of the live sessions?

They are every morning at 8.00 - 8.45 UK time on Friday 6th to Sunday 8th October

Will there be replays of the live sessions?

Yes, the replays will be available in our Facebook group for 48 hours after each session. If you’d like to keep the replays afterwards, you can upgrade to our Inner Peace Package for just £7.

How do I attend the live sessions?

When you sign up for the challenge, we will send you instructions of how to join the Facebook group where we will be sharing the Live trainings. 

But I don’t use Facebook!

No problem! If you upgrade to our Inner Peace Package, you can attend the challenge on our private Zoom link.

What is the time commitment?

The sessions are 45 minutes a day for 3 days. We recommend that you put aside an additional 15-20 minutes each day of the Challenge to review the meditation we have taught that day, and to journal your experience.

What is the price?

The Challenge is completely free, but if you’d like to upgrade the Inner Peace Package to get the replays, and be in the Zoom room, it costs £7.

This is online and I'm not technical. Will I manage?

This Challenge is completely online, and we do our best to support you during the process to make it as easy as possible to join. Last time over a thousand people of all ages joined us - and we really hope you will too!

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