Journey through the chakras to your Invincible Self

22 - 26 MARCH

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Are you looking for purpose and a fresh perspective on life?

Finding inner strength through yoga isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity.

Tap into the part of you that is invincible through a powerful Dru Yoga sequence

Experience a unique combination of postures, breath, visualisation, affirmation and mudra to supercharge your chakras (subtle energy system) to connect with the power of your Invincible Self.

What is Dru?

45 years ago a group of university students discovered a common vision to create a more positive world. Today Dru is an inspired global community that is committed to give back to the world. As a social enterprise we are dedicated to transforming the world by giving people the tools to transform themselves. These tools include yoga, meditation and Ayurveda. Our aim is to empower people to fall in love with life – in heart, mind, body and spirit! Join us on this journey of awakening to your inner strength and joy, touching the experience of your invincible nature.

Yoga done differently

Learn the Dru way of Asana, Pranayama, Affirmation & Mudra

Gain deep courage, lasting vitality and release your boundless energy

Live a conscious life and connect to your highest purpose

In 5 days you'll learn:

  • Yoga sequence to increase strength and resilience

  • Embrace your courage and confidence

  • Access the inner power of manifestation

  • Connect with your life purpose and vision

  • Align your chakras and awaken your Invincible Self!

What's included

5x Live Teaching Sessions

Join us live at 11am each day or receive the 45-minute yoga class replay to help you access the unshakeable power of your being.

Daily Motivational Emails

Get inspiring top tips direct to your email inbox to help you make real progress in transforming your body and mind.

Exclusive Online Community

Access to our private Facebook group where you can share your experiences with others & get connected to your tribe.


Free downloadable journal to help you reflect and anchor your progress.

What to expect each day

Invincibility is not out there, but within us. It’s the strength that arises when we find the willpower and energy to embrace life. It enables us to let go with courage, and brings the promise of becoming greater, wiser and more confident.

In this 5-day Challenge we will be working with a series of postures, breath, visualisation and affirmation which culminate in a sequence for mastering strength and invincibility.


Mooladhara & Swadhisthana

We begin with the Warrior posture (Virabhadrasana) to enable us to

understand our unique body alignment, feel anchored in our strength,

empowered in our relationships, and begin the journey to our Invincible



Manipura & Anahata

We enter into a sequence which awakens energy and power, and embraces

the spirit of innate joy that resides within the heart.



Taking our practice to the next level, we now stand confidently in our energy

and light. Accessing your power of expression, choose to manifest your dreams into a

new and powerful reality.



The sequence will now reveal deeper insights into your purpose and vision for life. Experience the power of visualisation to access your inner wisdom and guide.



We arrive at the completion of the sequence, aligning body, heart and mind.

Experience the fullness of your Invincible Self! Navigate through life by residing in your Invincible Self, with the profound

effect this has on all those around you.

Your Tutors

Chandra Goswami

Therapeutic yoga expert and specialist in yoga philosophy

Nanna Coppens

Senior trainer in Dru Yoga, Meditation & Dance

Tobias Oliver

Author, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Trauma Therapist

Christiane Saar

Dynamic yoga flow and yoga teacher trainer

Kate Carter

Dru Yoga Teacher Trainer and Peadiatric Nurse


What is the 5-Day free Yoga Challenge by Dru Yoga?

Our 5-Day free Yoga Challenge is a virtual event designed to introduce people to the benefits of Dru Yoga through daily practices and classes.

How do I participate in the 5-Day Yoga Challenge?

To participate, simply sign up on this page and keep track of the daily emails with the daily practices and classes provided.

Can’t make the live sessions?

Don’t worry – all the sessions are recorded and you’ll be able to watch them afterwards. However, attending the live sessions is best – we really encourage you to join us live if you can. The recordings will be freely available for one week, and after that you can purchase them.

I don’t have a Facebook account – is this a problem?

The Facebook community is where you will have chats with the tutors, share behind-the-scenes material and interact with the rest of the global yoga community to feel inspired as we continue the 5-Day Challenge. If you don’t have a Facebook account – don’t worry as you will still be able to watch the sessions live and get the replays on our resources page. You can also email the tutors if you have any questions.

Is the 5-Day Yoga Challenge open to people of all levels?

Yes, the Challenge is open to people of all levels, including those who are new to yoga or have been practising for years.
The good thing about Dru Yoga is that it is suitable for all levels of fitness, all ages and abilities.
So please do join us and you’ll be delighted with the flowing, therapeutic style of the yoga, which brings you more flexibility and health. 

I have health issues that might prevent me from doing yoga. Should I check with my doctor before joining the Challenge?

Please check with your doctor if you’re not sure, or join our community and ask our yoga tutors for more specific guidance.

Do I need any special equipment to participate in the 5-Day Yoga Challenge?

No, you do not need any special equipment to participate. All you need is a comfortable space to practise, a yoga mat,
a device to access the virtual classes and a decent internet connection. 

How long are the classes in the 5-Day Yoga Challenge?

The classes in the challenge vary in length, but most are around 45 minutes in length.

Can I access the classes after the challenge has ended?

You will have free access to the replays for 1 week after the challenge. Following this period they will be available for purchase.

How can I get support during the 5-Day Yoga Challenge?

Support will be available in our Facebook community group, where you can connect with other participants and receive guidance
and support from the Dru Yoga tutors.

What people say

"Dru Yoga really is the Yoga of the Heart. It brings awareness to the heart space and heart - our spiritual heart. Inspiring tutors."

Adrienne Fouracre


"Life is a journey of coming home to yourself, your true and highest Self.  Dru Yoga is absolutely helping me to do that."

Kathy Hutchings

Holistic Therapist & Dru Yoga Instructor

"Dru Yoga is so gentle and flowing with no forced movement; my body always feels so much better after practising."

Jo Bell

Calstock, Cornwall

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